The UK No.1 Fall Out Boy tribute band, FELL OUT BOY, have to have a dynamic and eye-catching web presence. This is their 2015 design - they provided the images and content and I provided the design. All content can be managed by the band if they wanted, but in this case all changes are sent to me to make.


Having previously designed large company websites I have turned my skills towards the smaller end of the scale.  Now you can have the benefit of my knowledge and experience to design and build what you want, from a one-page web statement to a fully functioning commercial presence. Using Wix, a leading cloud-based web development platform, allows me to keep costs to a minimum whilst giving maximum flexibility in design.


Currently a 1-page website can be yours for as little as £69.99*.


If you're interested in having your own low-cost website all you need to do next is:




* A £69.99 1-page website will provide you with a 'wix-labelled' website name (eg. www.hswebs.wix.com/home). Additional charges apply to have your own domain name.

Low-cost Web DESIGN


WHETHER you want a website for your new band and music, a full online shop to sell your creations or just a one-page internet advert  - it usually comes down to two things:  DESIGN and COST.